QA framework for education

Information about our quality assurance framework

We launched our quality assurance (QA) framework [PDF] in June 2013 and updated it in September 2016.

Our role

Our role includes:

  • setting the high-level policy for QA
  • commissioning and overseeing an effective QA process
  • developing and using intelligence from QA to protect the public
  • sharing QA intelligence appropriately with others
  • effectively using intelligence from others to inform QA
  • using our evidence from QA to influence the strategy for nursing and midwifery education and for supervision of midwives to improve public protection, and
  • engaging with stakeholders in education and the supervision of midwives.

We contract the operational delivery of quality assurance of education and supervision of midwives to Mott MacDonald. They:

  • recruit, train and manage the performance of our reviewers
  • schedule and organise quality assurance events, and
  • issue and update documentation.

Mott MacDonald reports to us while we retain overall control of the process. Information gathered is published in regular quality assurance activity reports.