Past engagement

How we sought your views in our education consultation

Our education work is supported by an extensive programme of communications and engagement activity.

In developing the new standards for nurses and education framework, we listened to the views of nurses and patients and the public. We also worked closely with employers, educators and policy-makers across all four countries of the UK. Our new draft standards of proficiency for the future registered nurse were driven by patients’ views of the care they will need in 2030.

We wanted everyone to have a say in what the future of nursing will look like. In our full consultation, we asked detailed questions about our proposed standards. We also had a quick survey aimed at patients and the public, giving them the opportunity to tell us what’s important to them about nursing in the future. Anyone could complete either version, or both.

While the consultation was open, there were a range of opportunities for people to have their say. We ran a series of events to hear the views of patients, members of the public and professionals across the UK. Find out more about the consultation including details of the proposals.

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