Students and our new standards

Students currently enrolled on a course

If you're a student who is currently enrolled on a course, you'll continue under the present NMC standards and will still meet the requirements for annotation against your current NMC registration.

For more detailed information, contact your approved education institution (AEI), who will be able to confirm the standards to which your programme complies.

Please note education institutions will have to seek re-approval of their programmes against our new standards.

Students who haven't yet started a course

We began approving new programmes against the new standards from October 2018.

Education institutions have up until September 2020 to be approved against the new nursing or prescribing standards, or September 2021 for midwifery.

After that date, new students will only join programmes approved against the new standards.

Your chosen approved education institution (AEI) will be able to confirm which of the standards your programme complies with so contact them for more detailed informaion.

You may also contact the relevant AEI for the status of approval of their programme.

Check using our list of Approved Programmes