How educators should apply the standards

Education institutions will now have to seek re-approval of their programmes against our new standards.

Find out more about how we approve programmes and our new Quality Assurance Framework .

Read more guidance on how to apply our new standards below.

To find out how this works in practice, take a look at our scenarios.

When will the new standards start to be used?

The new standards came into effect  28 January 2019.

After 1 September 2020, only programmes approved against these new standards will be able to meet our requirements for award and registration and accept new students.

How does this affect education providers?

All approved education institutions (AEIs) will need to meet the requirements for approval against the new standards.

They will need to develop their curriculum in partnership with their practice partners to ensure compliance with all the significant changes, such as student assessment.

The programme will need to be approved against the new standards by September 2020 for nursing and prescribing and September 2021 for midwifery.