After you qualify

Applying to be on our register

Registration with the NMC

As you come up to completing your programme you will be looking forward to beginning work as a registered nurse or midwife. We maintain a register of over 670,000 nurses and midwives. It’s our aim to make sure that your registration is completed as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Applying to be on our register

When your education institution has electronically submitted your course completion and contact details to us we will send you a letter and details of how to complete your application online. This letter will be posted within 7–10 working days. It is very important that you make sure your university has your correct address so you receive this important information without delay.

Your education institution must also send us a declaration of your health and character to support your application for registration. The person making the supporting declaration must believe that, to the best of their knowledge, you are of sufficient health and character to practise safely and effectively without supervision at the point of registration.

If you have just completed a pre-registration programme for nursing or midwifery then this person must be either the nursing programme leader or the lead midwife for education (midwifery programmes). They normally send this to us as soon as they have sent us the electronic details of your course completion.

All applicants for registration must self-declare their health and character to us. Your self-declaration is a confirmation that you:

  • intend to comply with The Code and midwives
  • have no relevant convictions or cautions or pending charges
  • have not been found guilty of misconduct or lack of fitness to practise by another regulatory body, or the NMC, and are not subject to a judgment by a licensing body elsewhere that would prevent you from practising as a nurse or a midwife, and
  • are not currently suspended by another regulatory or licensing body, and
  • have sufficient health to practise safely and effectively.

When you complete your online application and pay the required fee you will be asked to declare that you hold or will hold appropriate cover under an indemnity arrangement in order to practise and provide care. For initial or subsequent registration applications you will be asked to declare if you have received any police charges, cautions or convictions, even if they are 'spent', other than those that are protected.

Where both your self-declaration and the supporting declaration confirm that you are capable of safe and effective practice without supervision then we will process your application, ensuring that the education institution has confirmed your successful completion of the programme and that you have paid the required fee.

When this has been confirmed, the Registrar will take the decision to admit you to the relevant part of the register.

If you are declaring a police charge, caution or conviction then you must provide a reference from your university acknowledging that you declared the offence and details of any disciplinary action taken as a result. Please e-mail this direct to, including your full name in the e-mail. Alternatively, you can post it to Registrar and Appeals Support Team, Nursing and Midwifery Council, 23 Portland Place, London W1B 1PZ.

Following your application

Once all the requirements have been met your application will be processed and an e-mail confirming your registration will be sent to you within five working days. If you have declared a police charge, caution or conviction then this will need to be investigated and your case sent to the Assistant Registrar for consideration. Until you have been admitted to the register, it is against the law to claim to be, or to practise as, a registered practitioner using this qualification.

Once you have received our email confirming your registration, you can log into your online account and view your registration details and print your statement of entry to the register. One month after you have paid your registration fee you will be able to obtain a receipt of your payment for tax purposes. This will be available for you to download or to send to your e-mail address from your online account.

Registering six months after completing your programme

Where there is a delay of six months or more between you completing your nursing or midwifery programme and applying to register your application, you will need the additional support of a nurse registered in the same part of the register to which you have applied to enter. The registered nurse must have known you for at least a year, and have been in contact with you during the previous six months. This is in addition to the confirmation of health and character supplied by your university.

Registering your qualification after being qualified for five years

Please remember it is important that you apply to register within five years of your course completion date or you will not be able to register as a nurse or midwife.

This is particularly important if you have undertaken a dual qualification programme, for example if you obtained a dual qualification as both a registered nurse and social worker. Some people in this situation do not register as a nurse within five years of completion of their programme because they have been working as a social worker, not as a nurse.

If you do not register with us within five years, should you wish to work as a nurse at a later time you may need to undertake a pre-registration nursing programme once again or a test of competence. Please read the standards and guidance on registering more than five years after qualifying.