Who to contact and how to complain

If you wish to complain about a nurse or a midwife but are unsure about whether or not to make a referral, you can speak to someone in our new referrals team, on 020 7681 5248 or send an email.

You'll be asked a few questions to make sure some basic criteria are met, such as whether or not the concern is about someone on our register, to help decide whether or not you should go on to make a referral.

If your concern or complaint is about a nurse or a midwife, the member of the new referrals team will suggest you contact the nurse or midwife's employer, who in most cases, will be best placed to resolve the issue.

If it isn't about a nurse or midwife we can direct you to contact an advocacy group. 

When to make a referral

If you feel uncomfortable about contacting the employer, or you don't know who the employer is, or it seems as though the public might be at risk,  then we would encourage you to go ahead and make the referral to us.