Please visit for information about temporary registration and changes to how we’re operating during this time.


We understand that the people we regulate will want to continue caring for the sick and vulnerable during the Covid-19 pandemic. If we've placed you on an interim order, it's because we're concerned you might pose an immediate risk to patients, yourself or the reputation of the nursing profession.

You must continue to comply with any restrictions we’ve placed on your practice.

If we've been in touch to let you now we're applying to have your interin order extended, we're working to ensure that extension applications continue to go ahead and the High Court is continuing to deal with these applications. We will contact you to update you on the details of this. 

If you're subject to an interim suspension order and wish to help on the front line, you could consider work as an unregulated healthcare professional, such as a healthcare assistant.

If there's been a change in your circumstances, and you think your interim order needs to be reviewed, please immediately inform the person managing your case so that we can consider this. We'll continue to assess the risk on all the new information we receive on our existing cases.

If you're letting them know via email, please also include their team email address if you have it. This will mean that your email is received if the person is absent.

We'll also need to send you the notice of hearing electronically, so please make sure we have an up-to-date email address.

If you are unwell and cannot take part in the hearing, please let the person managing your case know as soon as possible.

Find out more about our current approach to hearings 
and how you can prepare for them. 

Answering your questions

I have an interim conditions of practice order requiring me to be supervised at work. My supervisor is off sick or is unable to supervise me due to the Covid-19 situation – can I still practise?

We want to help make sure that as many people who can practise safely remain able to do so during this time. If your conditions of practice state you must be supervised, and the person who is supervising you can no longer do it, you should try to make alternative arrangements in your workplace, and let your case officer know about them.

Depending on how closely the alternative arrangements match your conditions of practice, or if it hasn’t been possible to make any, your case officer may schedule your case for an early interim order review. The panel may be able to vary your conditions to take into account the change in your circumstances at work and we may ask you to provide some additional information to support that. 

I’m subject to an interim order which restricts my practice. I’ve been told that the NMC is applying to have this extended at the High Court. Will that still be going ahead?

We are working to ensure that interim order extension applications continue to go ahead and it is likely that the High Court will be hearing these matters remotely in the coming weeks. We will contact you to update you on the details of this.