Please visit for information about temporary registration and changes to how we’re operating during this time.


At the start of the pandemic, we reduced contact with healthcare professionals to make sure they could concentrate on caring for people affected by Covid-19.

As a result, this means that some cases will not be progressed during the crisis. This isn't a decision we've taken lightly and understand that not everyone we're investigating would want us to pause our investigation of their case.

But we ask for your patience and understanding as we work with the Government and other healthcare professionals to provide them with the space they need to work effectively to respond to the pandemic.

Although we know that we need to keep the status of the pandemic under constant review and be sensitive to the local situation, we plan to increase gradually our contact with healthcare professionals.

We're mindful that individuals working in health and social care, and the organisations they work for, may be at different stages of readiness to engage with our fitness to practise process. We'll be building our understanding of how ready people are to engage and will be mindful of that in our operational planning.

Please note that we'll carry on gathering any information we can about your case from people who are not currently working in the healthcare profession.

You can also send us your views on the case, including evidence of any learning you may have taken or any reflections you may have about it. This might also help the Case Examiners make an early decision on your case.

Answering your questions

I am awaiting a decision by the Case Examiners. When can I expect to hear from them?

Our Case Examiners are continuing to review cases and make decisions on whether there is a case for the registrant to answer or not. During this very difficult time the Case Examiners will focus on cases where we think there may be no case for the registrant to answer. They will also prioritise cases where the registrant’s practice is restricted under an interim order. This means that some cases where we think the registrant may need to attend a fitness to practise hearing will take longer to be reviewed and decided by the Case Examiners.

We think prioritising cases in this way is the right thing to do. It will free registrants who do not need to attend an NMC hearing to focus on their work at a time when the public most needs them. We will make sure that we continue to update parties on our progress in all cases.