Please visit for information about temporary registration and changes to how we’re operating during this time.


Our fitness to practise rules have changed to allow us to give registrants on both our permanent and temporary registers the support you need to work without distraction during these challenging times. You can find out more information on our response to Covid-19 on our Covid hub.

Our Fitness to Practise rules have also changed to allow us to send notices of hearing by email, and to give us an explicit power to run virtual hearings by telephone or video conference. 

We’ve also changed our Practice Committees Constitution Rules  to give us more flexibility when it comes to who decides fitness to practise cases. For more information, see our our NMC guidance during the Covid-19 emergency period

Members of our Covid-19 temporary register

Our fitness to practice processes will be different depending on which register you're on.

If you're on the temporary register, read our Covid-19 Temporary Register Removal guidance.