People who will attend a hearing

Panel members

This includes the Chair, who is responsible for the proceedings, and two other members. One will be on the register, and if it is your final hearing, that person will be on the same part of the register as you.

Legal assessor

Advises the panel on the law. The legal assessor will speak with you on the morning of the hearing to explain procedures. They're not involved in making the decision.

NMC case presenter

They put forward the case on behalf of the NMC and call witnesses.

Panel secretary

Will liaise with you on the morning of the hearing. The panel secretary assists the panel with the drafting of their decision, but is not involved in making the decision.

Observers and journalists

May attend the hearing, but not if the matter is health related.


The NMC may decide to call witnesses in support of our case. If you decide to bring witnesses then you should let your case officer know in advance of the hearing.

Other NMC staff

They ensure the smooth running of the hearing.

Attending your own hearing

We recommend you attend your hearing so you can put forward your position on the case. If you don’t intend to attend your hearing you should make your case in writing so it can be considered fully in your absence.

This should be sent to your case officer at least two days before the hearing to give us time to make sufficient copies so that the Panel can consider it on the day of the hearing.

If delivered on the day of the hearing this may slow down the progress of the case.


We strongly recommend that you take advice from your professional organisation, trade union or lawyer during the fitness to practice process. Alternatively, Citizens Advice or law centres may be able to advise you.

If you attend your hearing without representation, please read our leaflet for unrepresented registrants. This explains the hearing process and covers some of the things you should expect to happen.

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