Once we receive a concern about a nurse, midwife or nursing associate's practice, we need to look at the concern in more detail and decide our next steps.

There are three stages of our screening decision, which are:

  • Step one: Do we have a written concern about a nurse, midwife or nursing associate on our register?
  • Step two: Is there evidence of a serious concern that could need us to take regulatory action to protect the public?
  • Step three: Is there clear evidence to show that the nurse, midwife or nursing associate is currently fit to practise? 

The three stages are designed to be used flexibly to help us reach the right decisions quickly and fairly. In most cases, we'll go through the three stages in the order set out above. But sometimes, we might change the order or miss out a stage entirely if we don't need to consider it to reach the right decision.

For example, if an allegation wouldn't amount to a serious concern (such as where an individual has received a fixed penalty notice for a parking offence), we won't spend our time and resources trying to establish whether the individual referred is on our register.

We'll always need to check the individual is on our register to make sure there haven't been any similar concerns raised with us in the past if a concern could create a risk to the public.