After a meeting or hearing, a panel will make a decision about your case.

Possible outcomes include:

No sanction

This is where the complaint has already been dealt with. For example, the nurse, midwife or nursing associate might have gone on training.


A caution is like a warning. They are public and will onto our register.

Cautions can last between 1 to 5 years.


If you receive conditions of practice, you're still allowed to work, but there are restrictions to what you can do.

An example of conditions you might receive could be being supervised or going on specific training.

Conditions last between 1 to 3 years.


If you receive a suspension, you won't be able to work during this period.

Suspensions can last anywhere between 1 or 12 months. After this time, it might expire or be looked at again at the end of your suspension.

Strike off

If you are told the panel's decided to strike you off the register, this is where you're taken off the register altogether.

You cannot work or call yourself a nurse, midwife or nursing associate.

You can apply to rejoin the register after five years.

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