Our Fitness to Practise Committee panels can reach decisions on our case in either a meeting or a hearing.

The panel at a meeting or hearing has to make its own decision about if a nurse, midwife or nursing associate's fitness to practise. In both meetings and hearings, there'll be an independent legal assessor to give legal advice and help make sure meetings or hearings remain fair.


At a meeting, the panel only makes its decision based on the documents that have been submitted.

The nurse, midwife or nursing associate doesn't attend the meeting, and there aren't any witnesses. Although you can't attend a meeting, you can still engage with the process by sending us any information you have in advance that you want the panel to look at.

This means that meetings usually take less time to resolve and are generally less stressful for everyone.


The main difference between meeting and hearings is that nurses, midwives, nursing associates and witnesses attend a hearing and give live evidence.

Anyone that gives evidence to the fitness to practise panel at a hearing can also be asked questions. You can attend a hearing with or without a representative, or you can send one on your behalf.

A case presenter will attend your hearing to represent the NMC.

You'll always be able to have a hearing if you want one.

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