Wendy Olayiwola has strong self-belief values, personal development, philanthropy, mentoring, supporting others, just as passionately promoting and advocacy for equalities among black and minority ethnic groups. 

Wendy is a registered nurse and midwife with more than two decades of active, fruitful and broadened years of service in the community and public health.   The recognition and influence of her abilities reach, influence and touch several spheres within and outside the United Kingdom. Wendy is well seasoned in articulating and participating in diverse roles involving the hospital, community, private health, and well-being.  She is very passionate about supporting and empowering nurses and midwives to provide culturally sensitive and holistic care for women and their families.   


Ms Olayiwola received her academic Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Nursing from Buckinghamshire Chiltern University UK; BSc (Hons.) Midwifery City University London with further studies, she obtained a merited diploma in Management and Leadership Studies (DMS) and postgraduate (M Sc) degree in Public Health at the University of East London. She is an honorary lecturer at universities on Public health topics and a motivational speaker. Wendy has co-authored articles in professional midwifery journals, including Talking to men about FGM and Reducing the incidence of Stillbirths in Black women. 

Wendy is a member of Nursing and Midwifery Council Equality Diversity and Inclusion Research Advisory Group. She is the Lead midwife/co-chair of CNO CMiDO BME Strategic Advisory Group NHS England and uses this role to advise and provide guidance on the issues facing patients and staff from minority ethnic groups. President of Nigerian Nurses Charitable Association UK.  Wendy has championed numerous project and initiatives beyond the UK's borders, stretching from Europe to African countries. She is a founding member of Better health for Africa UK, an expert and resource group for shaping African healthcare. Her project participation stretched her to being a member of the Diaspora Healthcare Initiative steering group.  She is the proud convener of NHS @70 Nigerian Healthcare Professionals UK Awards 2019. She is also the founder of National BAME Health and Care Awards and Society of African and Caribbean Midwives (SoAC) UK.

Wendy Olayiwola has received numerous accolades within the span of her praiseworthy career. The most recent, she was awarded a British Empire Medal (BEM) for service to the NHS and Equality during the COVID-19 response in the 2021 New year’s Honour list. She was listed in the 2020 year of the nurse and midwife Global WHO/UN/WGH 100 outstanding women nurse and midwife leader. She is the winner of the NHS@70 women leaders Award 2018.