Leigh KendallLeigh Kendall is an NHS communications professional as well as a patient leader, coach, and award-winning writer.

Leigh is a leading healthcare influencer: she was named the winner of the Tommy's Seraphine Mum's Voice Award in 2016 for her work raising awareness of HELLP syndrome, premature babies, and baby loss in her son Hugo's memory as part of #HugosLegacy. She is involved with the #MatExp social movement, and co-led the Nobody’s Patient project as part of the Maternity Challenge Fund. In 2015, Leigh was named by Health Service Journal in their list of 50 Patient Leaders. She has spoken at the House of Commons, as well as national and international conferences.

Her blog Headspace Perspective is an internationally-recognised source of information for other bereaved parents and health professionals.

In her role as Communications Lead for NHS Horizons, Leigh helps enable people to get involved with positive change. She is always seeking new, creative and innovative ways of conveying often complex concepts to encourage, empower, and mobilise diverse communities - utilising her coaching as well as her communications experience.