Help shape the future of nursing and midwifery care

Closing date for applications was 12 noon on Monday 25 November 2019

We are seeking four talented and committed people to join our Council, the governing body of the NMC.

The deadline for applications was 12 noon on Monday 25 November 2019.

Next steps

The Council has appointed a Selection Panel to be responsible for selection decisions at every stage of the process. Selection decisions will be evidence-based and made against an agreed criteria.

An initial sift of applications will be carried out by search consultants, Saxton Bampfylde, who are assisting us with the selection process.

The Selection Panel will decide the longlist and Saxton Bampfylde will carry out preliminary interviews with longlisted candidates.

The Selection Panel will then decide the shortlist and will carry out final interviews before making their final recommendation for appointment to the Privy Council.

The new Council members will take office on Friday 1 May 2020.

What it's like to be a Council member

Are you wondering what it's like to be an NMC Council member?

Read the experiences of some of our current Council members to learn what they find rewarding about the role.

Robert Parry

"It is a true honour and privilege to be a registrant council member. When I reflect back on my initial motivation to apply it stems from the desire to be part of 'making a difference' to the profession that I am passionate about. This is achieved through my contribution to developing strategy for the future direction of the profession to ensure we meet our core purpose; namely to protect the public.

"This is a role I have now fulfilled for over four years which has been both personally and professionally challenging at times and involved varying degrees of complexity in ever-changing contexts. However, it is rewarding and during this time I have been part of many professional discussions and decisions including the approval of the new Future Nurse and new Future Midwife: Standards of Proficiency.

"One of the biggest benefits and rewards for being part of Council is the learning that you gain from colleagues you work alongside. Namely, my fellow council members whether they are registrant or lay members, along with the executive and governance colleagues all of whom come from a very broad professional background but bring with them knowledge, skills and perspectives to the table which are both insightful and valuable.

"The experience, skills and learning within this leadership role I have gained is very transferable to both my current job but potentially any other future roles."

Robert Parry, registrant member

Derek Pretty

"It is just over three years since I became a lay member of the NMC. My working life before that embraced senior roles in finance, higher education and retailing, followed by a few years in non-executive director and charity trustee/ governor roles. A colleague drew the position on the Council to my attention and it seemed a great opportunity to use my prior experience and skills to help make a difference in this field of major public importance.

"So how has it been? First, it has been a massive but enjoyable learning experience. There has been so much new to absorb and understand about the roles and work context of nurses and midwives. This has meant reading and hearing about, discussing and approving proposals ranging from new standards for nursing and midwifery care, to quality assurance of nursing education and a major overhaul of fitness to practice. At the same time I have had the chance, alongside fellow Council members, to support and challenge the executive team about new information and communication systems and critical process and behavioural changes to make the the NMC, more efficient, more open and kinder. I have also been able to use my financial experience to help introduce new investment policies to make better use of the NMC's cash holdings.

"One of the great things about working at the NMC has been the collegiate and supportive team, both non-executive and executive. Everyone recognises and acknowledges the diverse array of skills and experience each of us brings to the table and we feel valued.

"The NMC, like most organisations, has not always got things right, but it is pulling out the stops to be professional, efficient and effective and, above all, people focussed and kind. It is a very good place to help make a difference."

Derek Pretty, lay member

Anne Wright

"I joined the NMC Council as a lay member in 2013, having been attracted by the importance and impact of the work of the nursing and midwifery professions and of their professional regulator in ensuring high standards of care for all of us, across our lives and across all UK communities and health care settings. I was not disappointed.

"Since 2013 I have been privileged to contribute to the development and implementation of a new Code, new nursing standards and most recently new midwifery standards about to be implemented, as well as the establishment of regulation for the whole new profession of nursing associates. I am also proud that over the last two to three years the NMC has developed a new Fitness to Practice strategy, focussing on efficient and sensitive handling of complaints, reduction in case going to hearings, and constructive and compassionate support for both witnesses and registrants. There is much more still to do to ensure that the NMC plays a leading role as a health regulator, and new Members can expect a similarly exciting and challenging agenda for the future, including the new NMC strategy.

"It has been an absolute pleasure to work with such committed, professional and friendly colleagues, both Council members and Executive, in such valuable work. The opportunity to engage with registrants, patients and the public across the UK through visits, consultations, workshops and informal events is also a valuable part of being an NMC Council member.

"I warmly recommend NMC Council membership as a wholly rewarding experience. It is an opportunity to make a real difference."

Dr Anne Wright CBE, lay member