Our EDI objectives cover both external and internal aspects of the NMC, and will usually change annually as we progress and introduce new practices.

We developed our EDI objectives to support our corporate plan and reflect the six themes within the NMC strategy.

Our objectives:

  • Reflect our values as a regulator that prioritises the needs and wellbeing of the nursing and midwifery professionals and the public
  • Make sure we show good equality practice as an employer
  • Use EDI data in a strategic and co-ordinated way, both internally and with partners across the health and care sector.
  • Tackle health inequalities by using our platform to advocate for better care for everyone accessing services.

You can find out more about our EDI objectives in our EDI plan

How will we achieve our objectives?

We have four strands to our EDI approach – clear policy, effective communication, valuing our people and solid evidence. These four strands are all underpinned by effective leadership at all levels.

We have a dedicated EDI team providing advice and guidance, building relationships, scrutinising our compliance and driving progress. They support colleagues to use EDI tools effectively, such as equality impact assessments.

We have an EDI Leadership Group who are responsible for overseeing improvements in all areas of the organisation. We also have internal employee networks groups who bring colleagues together in a supportive and celebratory way, and provide invaluable insight on issues affecting minority groups.

Externally we collaborate with partners at other regulatory bodies, and experts across healthcare and EDI organisations, to ensure we hear a wide range of voices on the issues that really matter. We work alongside experts to drive forward change across the sector together.